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World Cup qualifiers: Zlatan Ibrahimovic justifies the attack on Azpilicueta - football

World Cup qualifiers: Zlatan Ibrahimovic justifies the attack on Azpilicueta – football

These phrases will leave you speechless! Incredible statement from Zlatan Ibrahimovic (40) about his evil test against Spaniard Cesar Azpilicueta (32) in the World Cup qualifying match during the last international break…

“I would do it again one hundred percent,” Ibrahimovic told the Guardian, acknowledging that he approached the event with “complete intent.”

What happened? In a corner kick in injury time, the Milan forward hit the shoulder at the back of his opponent Azpilicueta. The Spaniard took a heavy blow, tripping uncontrollably on one of his teammates, and was fortunate not to suffer a serious injury in the process.

And Ibrahimovic? He tries to explain the assault – which he only sees in yellow – by the fact that Azpilicueta had previously rebelled against a Sweden player. “I had to make it clear to him that he shouldn’t do that. You don’t have the balls to do that to me, but I’ll show you what would happen if you had to.”

Zlatan continues: “Don’t attack a dog that doesn’t bark. Attack a person who can do something. It’s very easy to take my 20-year-old teammates and they are very nice guys. I hope he understands now.”

Zlatan acts like an avenger – thus harming his team. To be more precise, an entire football nation had high hopes for the veteran’s return in the national jersey. In the semi-finals of the qualifiers he was banned for his yellow card.

This also does not appear to play a role in the attacker’s misperception. “It is not about losing the match in the playoffs now. It was necessary to show the man that you are not stepping on someone who is already on the ground,” Ibrahimovic justifies his outrageous behavior.

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Ibrahimovic did not reveal any of his teammates, and he also kept what Azpilicueta should have done to himself. He has only stated that he did “something stupid” and “played a big part”.

It is not yet clear who Sweden will face in the semi-finals in March. Meanwhile, Spain won the match 1-0 and qualified as the winning group for the World Cup in Qatar. Success Ibrahimovic no longer wants, at least after his shameful statements.