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Wow! Venom 2 is the all time record launch in the US!

Now let’s be honest: who would have expected that? We have been talking for weeks Hill And James BondWho, if you trust the media, only engages in cinema James Bond – No time to die Can be saved. The situation has not gone bad for a few weeks. Fast and furious9, Black widow Or Legend of Shang-ci and the Ten Rings All had good theatrical releases, which seemed almost normal. After a few weeks it becomes complicated, which is still a problem with the current infection.

But now it is coming Poison – Let there be bondage And He puts them all in the shade! $ 90.1 million, the film was not a success The best start since the onset of the epidemic, Was that too The second best October start of all time And the best start since December 2019. More pioneer PoisonIt grossed $ 80.2 million early in the weekend Poison – Let there be bondage Left behind.

“Poison – Let There Be Bondage” Trailer 2 (Dt.)

If you take into account international results, lie Poison – Let there be bondage Already $ 103.9 million. A very significant start, especially when you consider that the pioneer was not well received everywhere. It was OK and received an average response from fans and critics, but it was not a big hit, which made fans wait impatiently for a sequel.

Whatever, the director Andy Serkis Something must have been done right, so far you can think about it The biggest success of his young career as a director Be happy.

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With the results of the last few weeks, it is already tempting to think that cinema is returning to normal. No matter how good it is, we haven’t gotten there yet. These are more Good successes that spread hope and optimism.

One can be more excited now, how much better James Bond – No time to die And Hill Starting in the United States. We were allowed to enjoy these pictures, but we need to open up a little more Poison – Let there be bondage Wait, but thankfully not much time: Yes October 21 The film begins with us.