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Wreckage of a missing passenger plane found in Russia

Wreckage of a missing passenger plane found in Russia

nAfter losing contact with a plane with 28 people on board in the Far East of Russia, the wreckage of the machine was discovered. This was announced by the country’s aviation authority on Tuesday. In view of the geographical location and the nature of the landscape, rescue and recovery work is challenging.

The AN-26 was on its way from Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky to Palana on the Kamchatka Peninsula when contact with it was lost. He immediately feared that the machine had broken. Its wreckage was finally found, according to the information, about four kilometers from the airport where it was supposed to land.

After several fatal aircraft accidents in recent years, Russia has improved air safety. However, as a result of insufficient aircraft maintenance and lax safety standards, aircraft accidents happen again and again.

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