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WWF winning project: “We want the Lynx in Pabneukirchen”

WWF winning project: “We want the Lynx in Pabneukirchen”

Panyochurch. Middle school students in the “Biological Exercises” group, the school focuses on natural sciences and mathematics, proudly holding the winner’s certificates in their hands. Team Panda, the youth group of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), attracted MS Pabneukirchen girls and boys with their teacher Jennifer Boim for the semester projectActive to return the Lynxwith the Austria victory out of place.

In the fall of 2022, the Austrian Fund invites the young woman (class reading) to actively campaign for the return of lynxes, wolves, bearded vultures and white-tailed vultures. The task was: Design posters, write poems, come up with stories, sing songs, run skits, and organize a demonstration. After extensive searching, it was clear to the children: “We want the lynx here in Pabneukirchen.”

Film editing during the holidays

Two teams were formed from the second and third grades. Each group set up its own project. A group relied on a tried, tested and developed PowerPoint presentation. The second team created a concept for a scavenger hunt and conducted the interviews. In terms of digitization, video was indispensable in both groups.
The many ideas and commitment of the students exceeded the time frame. Films were only completed on the last day of school before the term break. So we met during the semester break to finish the project,” says Project Supervisor Jennifer Baum. “We definitely wanted to take over the cutting too,” confirmed Anja and Claudia from the third grade.

Chicks at school
After the project before the project! “Our next project is already in the starting blocks! We’re hatching chicks at school. After that, they’ll look forward to a species-appropriate life on the farm,” revealed third grader Manuel.

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“Thanks to innovative learning methods and project-based teaching, the students were so immersed in the project that they came to the school during the holidays. For a long time, the focus of the middle school has been on science and mathematics. Pupils have the opportunity to study and work voluntarily at the school once a week,” Jennifer Baum is happy with the win and the committed kids.