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Xi and Biden peaks

KShortly before the video summit Xi Jinping And Joe Biden earlier this week, China lifted the immigration ban on an American citizen, while the United States deported seven convicted Chinese to their homes. According to the Reuters news agency on Friday, US President Daniel Hsu was allowed to leave China just hours before the virtual presidential meeting.

Friedrich Bose

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

He was detained for four years without committing any crime. Hsu told the AP news agency last year that Chinese authorities were trying to force his father to return to China. Authorities accuse him of embezzling money.

This kind of clan responsibility is known from other events as well. It was only in September that China lifted the embargo on an American sibling. Cynthia and Victor Liu have been detained without charge for three years in an attempt to force their father, who is wanted for fraud, to return.

The U.S. Justice Department dropped the deportation request

Liu’s siblings left the country at the same time as the Chinese Huawei manager returned Meng WanchoThe U.S. Justice Department made that possible by dropping the extradition request against her. Washington denied at the time that it was a barter agreement.