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Yeboah: The best deal in the history of WSG Tirol

Yeboah: The best deal in the history of WSG Tirol

Not only did Kelvin Yeboah make his progress at WSG Tirol and become a regular player, with his goals, he also promoted himself and took the next step on the career ladder nearly a year ago when he transferred to Sturm Graz.

Until then, Vatner had collected a good transfer fee (rumored to be €500,000). But that was not all. Because WSG Sports Director Stefan Köck had negotiated some terms and therefore the deal was really lucrative. WSG Tirol received additional payments as Sturm qualified for the international business and later for the group stage of the European Cup. And with the resale of Yeboah, who is now an Italian striker for the under-21 team, the money flowed again.

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In total, Wattener raised 1.2 million euros for the deal. This is the best deal the Tyrolean Bundesliga side has made in the club’s history. “We are proud of what we have achieved in the past few months. We have now earned a spot and are a good starting point.”

Just a selection of the players who have taken the leap with Watens in the past 24 months. Michael Svoboda and David Schnegg play in the top flight in Venice today, Nemanja Cilic Darmstadt is battling for promotion to the Bundesliga, Nikolai Baden-Friedrichsen has caused a stir at Vitesse Arnhem, and Leon Clasen moved to Spartak Moscow only in the winter.

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