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Your brain loves to travel: 5 benefits

Your brain loves to travel: 5 benefits

Your Brain Loves to Travel: Take Advantage of These 5 Benefits!

Last updated: December 20, 2022

Have you already planned your next trip? You are probably looking forward to meeting new places and people, having exciting experiences and escaping from routine. Your brain also loves to travel: She must face new challenges and can escape from the daily routine. Discover today the benefits that a trip to foreign worlds can bring to your mind.

Why travel is good for your brain: 5 benefits

1. Travel boosts your creativity

Creativity is an important prerequisite for finding original and effective ideas in both professional and private life. You must be able to look at situations from different points of view, to find new ways.

Traveling is an excellent training to acquire or develop this skill. immerse yourself in foreign cultures, You have to find your way in new environments and learn about new perspectives – challenges your brain loves. TRUE study From Academy of Management Journal confirmed that People who gain professional experience abroad are more creative and creative Of those who do not have this experience.

2. You expand your social network

As you travel, you will meet new people who will bring you closer to other cultures and new perspectives. If you are traveling with a partner, the trip usually strengthens the relationship and that trust. Researches Show that couples who travel can strengthen their bond and that the divorce rate is lower.

But what good is that for your brain? Social relationships protect you from cognitive decline. One study For example, led by Andrew Somerlad (University College London), it shows that the risk of dementia is lower in older people who meet up with their friends regularly. Shared activities help your brain relieve stress and boost your cognitive reserve.

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3. You are improving your problem-solving skills

On the trip, your mind is forced to deal with new situations. It activates a variety of neural networks to learn and keep you safe. Being confronted with new stimuli, environments, and challenges is very stimulating for your brain. You can strengthen and expand neural connections in this way, because your brain is characterized by it Neuroplasticity Outside.

This brain training helps you find more effective solutions to problems in everyday life. one in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published study indicates, for example, that Students solve problems 20% better after their stay abroad.

4. You can improve your vision by traveling

As mentioned earlier, new situations and experiences challenge your mind and improve communication. This also benefits your attention span and processing speed. Stronger neural networks are usually faster and more powerful. Therefore, traveling helps you develop your ability to think and enhance mental clarity.

when you are on your travels Exploring landscapes, you have another advantage: Many studies confirm that memory is improved by spending time in nature. one in the magazine Environmental psychology published study It shows that people who look at a normal photo for 40 seconds can improve their focus and performance. Imagine how much you can benefit from immersing yourself in nature!

5. You can relax and relieve stress

Whether it’s a jaunt, weekend trip, or vacation: Once the journey begins and daily obligations are left behind, your mind can relax and reduce stress. Your cortisol (stress hormone) level goes down and your bad mood is gone in no time. Your brain is grateful to you, because stress damages the neural network in the long term and can alter the structure of the brain: chronic stress causes it to shrink Hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex amygdala; He increases.

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If you haven’t planned your next trip yet, you shouldn’t wait too long. The anticipation of vacation planning makes you happy! Scientists from Erasmus University Rotterdam and NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences have it all in one study Under the direction of Jeroen Nawegen. Your brain rewards you with happy hormones that counteract stress and anxiety.

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