Exclusive: CEO Speaks- Rahul Bahukhandi Of LaYuva

Rahul Bahukhandi is a CEO of a different genre. He is young, dynamic, persuasive and passionate professional. With his startup company LaYuva, an online selling platform, Rahul has taken the arduous journey into the world of entrepreneurship. The new venture is all set to compete with established online selling platforms like Flipkart, Amazon and other leading e- platforms. But his is a very innovative e -platform which has become very popular of late.

“I do look for opportunities and challenges outside to help myself as well as the business grow. Being a CEO, it’s tough to find personal space and time due to a hectic schedule, but somehow I manage it. This is because unless I focus on my personal development and skills, I may not be able to pace up the professional growth. I’m always open to learning and never let any opportunity skip off my hands. I’m adaptable to my surroundings, work culture, and people. Also, I stay tuned for all the upcoming trends and developments in the industry to incorporate the new strategies in the work process and provide the clients better services,” said Rahul in an interview with Social post.news.

Being inspired by Andrew Carnegie, Bahukhandi is well aware of the impact of technology in the rapidly changing business scenes and is even receptive to pursue cutting-edge technologies at the earliest. And, this is the reason why he didn’t take much time to incorporate the latest technologies of e-commerce industry in one of his ventures called LaYuva.


A computer science engineer and MBA in marketing degree holder, Rahul hold skill sets grounded in ethics, honesty and effectively communicating expectations with measurements & feedback. Before becoming a part of LaYuva, he holds 9 years of prolific industry experience in Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Mobile Content, SMS Based Services, Applications & Games, and Marketing Research.

On the success-sutra in business, Rahul said “For me, success is the feeling of contentment I get with the work I do, the hard-working people I’m surrounded with, and self-motivation I’m able to derive within me. When all such things come all together, you become successful. This requires hard labor because you not only have to work on yourself but also on the others. I believe the ability to motivate others (or colleagues) and be empathetic with their self-paced way to success because then you get support from them and you internally feel satisfied. Be it any position you work at, it’s your positive attitude and self-motivation that encourages your colleagues to double their efforts and work more enthusiastically. I always try to remain self-motivated for the goals I set and not to look for the motivation outside.”

LaYuva interview with Socialpost

His proactive management style is instrumental in making business strategies, designing initiatives, partnering with correlative business verticals and shaping the action plans to achieve set targets. One the leadership quality that one needs in business Rahul said, “A leader in true words, who not just leads his team of enthusiastic, dedicated and forward-looking people with excellent skills and motivation but also remains open to their inputs, queries, and feedback.”

This enthusiastic entrepreneur has a great passion for helping others in their endeavors and is emotionally inclined towards ongoing social issues, too. One of his ventures, called Krishi Shakti is a concrete result of the same. Krishi Shakti is a phenomenal step to empower the unsaid heroes of our day-to-day life- ‘The Farmers. ‘Apart from being fantastic on the professional front, he is an aficionado of music, a movie buff, and an ardent reader who loves spending spare moments reading Motivational and Tech-oriented books.

When asked about his hobbies and other interest he said, “I believe in Carpe diem! I don’t like wasting even a second of my life and rather invest in doing something I find little time to do; music, and reading motivational and tech-oriented books. Also, I’m a hockey enthusiast as it’s a great sport to stay fit and boost the immunity. I participated in hockey competitions until 2003. I have this innate desire to uplift the underprivileged or weaker sections of our society and keep on looking for suitable ways to do that.”

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