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JUNG HOME makes networking easier than ever. The new system brings intelligence to every building – no server, no internet, no drill.

JUNG HOME is based on the traditional 230V electrical installation, without devices in sub-distribution or special lines. Almost every home – whether existing or new – meets the requirements for digital infrastructure. JUNG HOME makes it easy to meet customers’ increasing demands and requirements in terms of energy and resource efficiency in the construction process and comfort of use. Layout and assembly is no different from traditional installation. The system inserts from JUNG HOME are installed as usual and equipped with a smart cover that also has all the radio technology. Operation via the smartphone app only takes a few minutes. Users can switch lighting, adjust blinds, or record energy consumption. Various scenarios such as “saving heating costs” or “turning off standby devices” support daily usage behaviour. Statuses such as “good morning” or “goodbye” ensure maximum comfort.

Secure connection via Bluetooth.

In JUNG HOME, all components communicate with each other wirelessly. The Bluetooth® Mesh SIG wireless standard is used here, which is an extension of the tried and tested Bluetooth protocol a million times. As the only alternative in building technology, Bluetooth has been standardized by the official Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) – a prerequisite for smooth, manufacturer-independent operation. Devices such as buttons and sockets connected to a 230V network act as transmitters and receivers at the same time. They amplify incoming signals and pass commands on. Because their radio waves intertwine like a weaving web, the stability of the network increases with each new node. Commands pass from one device to another until they reach their destination, even if it is at the other end of the building. JUNG HOME installation can start with a Schuko socket or button and can be expanded as needed – from room to room or floor to floor.

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Smart technology in Jung’s design.

All buttons, attachments and sockets in the design of the classic Jung A, CD and LS series – LS 990 are also available in 63 Le Corbusier colours. The universal color scheme, Architectural Polychromy, is inspired by timeless color palettes and the remarkable ability to blend. The system thus fits perfectly into any living environment.

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