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YouTube Download video testet am Desktop

YouTube Download video testet am Desktop

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Youtube And Downloads Two things that didn’t get along well in the past. Tools that allow you to save YouTube content to your computer have long been a thorn in the side of the video service.

Now trying google video service It seems to be the same to offer a similar download offer available to its desktop users.

For Premium Members

Featured MembersSo far, those who pay for YouTube without ads have been able to save videos in the mobile app on their devices. these Download function It could be available on your desktop computer in the near future.

Several premium YouTubers have reported that an interview feature can be used on a test basis. On Test site YouTube can check if the download function can be tried – the feature is not automatically available to everyone.

For now only for testing purposes

The prerequisite for this is that you are a premium member and use a supported browser. Current versions of ChromeAnd edge And opera it is necessary. fire fox And Safari Apparently he comes out empty-handed.

The download function is initially intended for one person only limited time and only for Test purposes Be available. It’s still not clear if the feature can be used in general at some point, but that’s to be expected.

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