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ZDF reporter slams Cross: 'I expect respect'

ZDF reporter slams Cross: ‘I expect respect’

MUNICH – Toni Kroos’ interview with ‘Dirty Questions’ after his Champions League final victory continues to spark lively discussions.

Was the Real Madrid midfielder’s reaction justified? Or is the 32-year-old’s behavior uncensored or outrageous? He insulted the interview prematurely.

Interview partner Nils Kabin of “ZDF” has now commented on the unusual and emotional conversation with Cross. The question of whether he was surprised that Real came under pressure has finally fueled the former international’s irritation.

“You shouldn’t behave this way.”

“Kroos could have used the question as a model to indicate that Real Madrid have always saved themselves in difficult situations throughout the tournament,” Kabin told Der Spiegel magazine.

Meanwhile, Cabin exchanged views with fellow reporters. One has come to ‘the conclusion that no one should act like this as a player’.

A factual question about the course of the game cannot be turned into something personal. “I congratulated him as I should have, but I also expect respect in return,” Kabin said.

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