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Zelensky accuses Russia of “targeted terrorism”.

Ukraine’s leaders accused the Russian army of firing missiles at homes.

The allegations from Kyiv are enormous: Russian forces are said to be increasingly targeting civilian targets in their missile attacks. “It is a new tactic by Russia to attack neighborhoods and put pressure on Western political elites to force Ukraine to the negotiating table,” Ukrainian presidential aide Mikhailo Podolak said on Saturday. His boss, President Volodymyr Zelensky, put it more clearly: he spoke of “targeted Russian terrorism.” Zelensky’s response to Russian missile attacks near Odessa. An apartment building and a convalescent home were hit. The Ukrainian Civil Defense announced that the attack killed at least 21 people.

No weapons or military equipment were hidden in the buildings exposed to the fire, Zelensky said – “as Russian propagandists and officials always tell about such attacks.” The attack was by no means accidental. According to Ukrainian information, Russia has already used three missiles designed to combat aircraft carriers. British defense experts recently reported that the Russian military is running out of precision and cruise missiles. Therefore, it shoots more and more inaccurate projectiles.

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