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Zelensky is ready for dialogue on Donbass and Crimea

Zelensky is ready for dialogue on Donbass and Crimea

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he is ready to hold talks on the status of the breakaway regions in the country’s east and Crimea on the Black Sea annexed by Russia.

Zelensky made clear yesterday evening (local time) on the American channel ABC that he will not respond to Moscow’s demands to recognize the independence of the “people’s republics” and the Russian rule of Crimea. “I am ready for dialogue. But we are not ready to give up.”

Not recognizing alarms

As the Ukrainian president said: “We can discuss and find a compromise on how these areas will continue.” It is important to pay attention to what people are doing there who want to be part of Ukraine. It’s a more complex issue than just recognition. “This is another alarm and we do not recognize the alarms.”

Zelensky again called on Russian President Vladimir Putin for direct negotiations. “What President Putin needs is to start a conversation, a dialogue, instead of continuing to live in an information bubble without oxygen.” Zelensky acknowledged that Russia has air sovereignty over Ukraine. He again called for a no-fly zone. This is about preventing rockets from being fired at civilian facilities.

Regarding NATO, Silinsky said he was disappointed. The coalition is not ready to accept Ukraine’s membership. “The alliance is afraid of contentious issues and disagreement with Russia,” he said, and indicated that he would not join. Ukraine is not a country that is begging for something on its knees. Since the constitution was amended in 2019, joining NATO has been the stated goal of the former Soviet republic.

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