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Zilhofer: Landing "50:50 chance" - Sky Sports Austria

Zilhofer: Landing “50:50 chance” – Sky Sports Austria

SKN St. Pölten will end the Bundesliga season at the bottom of the league, but could still survive the relegation period. Either Wacker Innsbruck or Austria Klagenfurt awaits the Lower Austrians. SKN Sports Director George Seelhofer talks about the current sporting situation in “Dein Verein”.

George Zellhofer (SPOSO SKN St. Pölten):

… with season review: “It was a very good start, we played good games, then we got into a situation, I’ve been playing football for 40 years, and I don’t know that like that. You can always look up the reasons, and often you can’t find out more about how this happened. From spring onwards it was mixed and very bad, and we weren’t near anywhere where we wanted to play football. We weren’t getting results anymore. To end up looking like this is a huge disappointment for me. In the spring, in terms of singles jobs, we gave things up. We didn’t do it at all in the fall; these special mistakes were like the red thread during the whole season. We often score goals ourselves. When I started out as a sports director, my wish was to reach calmer waters. If it’s eight or nine, it’s not a problem either. We wanted to avoid a relegation battle until the last game. We scored one of nine possible points against Admira, and that makes me think. We couldn’t stand the pressure of these games (…). We actually want to do it ourselves, we’ve waited a while. Long to get it in the right direction with Robert Ebertsberger… Now with Gerald Baumgartner, we tried to put everything in the right direction. “

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About landing: “There are no opponents we want, we have to be happy because we’re going to have the opportunity. One way to do this season relatively well is to switch in a different direction. There’s a lot at stake, I know that. The team has quality, can play football really well,” And now you’ll see how they handle it, the first game away from home, the second at home, the fans are back on the field, and now we’re in our hands again. It takes a closed team performance, where everyone has to call up their performances and they can do it, I’m convinced. You know that. The situation gives you such play, the goal far away is important, you have to think a little bit about how you behave on the field, the play is very disciplined, (…) It is a challenge, but when you are a professional then you have to face this task. 50:50 I am very positive, the team is healthy. Also from the team atmosphere, from team spirit. Now is the time to train really well for the last few days, to renew and then put in full effort and then I am convinced St. Pölten will hit the target as well. “

… about his future: “Now we have to see that we stay in the league. It is not about myself, personally, I am always very self-critical, I am disappointed. I will stick to the fact that we have a good team, but the truth will be revealed on the field and now we have a great opportunity and we will see after.” That. I think the club is still in good shape. The best preparation is a good game against Hartburg. “

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