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▷ Reiterhof Stückler opens a restaurant in Lavanttal – News – 2024

▷ Reiterhof Stückler opens a restaurant in Lavanttal – News – 2024

The Stückler riding stable near Wolfsburg has so far had two completely different target groups: on the one hand, of course, friends Equestrian sportsBut on the other hand also young couples who live in a romantic atmosphere Yes, a word Gifts. From now on, there will be a third group of people who will make a pilgrimage to the Stockler family, namely: Experts required.

Andreas Stockler has extensively transformed his riding stables in Lavantal. In the center of the new building is modern restaurant With associated Bar loungeEach can accommodate about 30 guests, plus one person roof terrace For 40 people. As head chef, Stockler was able to hire a great talent, Ralph Koelnitzer. Cooking competition finalist Junge Wilde spent his years training with famous names such as Hubert Wallner and Andreas Caminada, and was most recently head chef at the quadruple restaurant Kräuterreich by Vitus Vinkler. Now the Feldkirchner native is moving to Lavantal and wants to “make the aisles laugh” with his ideas – focusing on regional produce, such as freshwater fish from Carinthia, but also daring to include offal.

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