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▷ The End: The new sommelier introduces himself – News – 2024

▷ The End: The new sommelier introduces himself – News – 2024

“In Vienna there are guests Mozart and Falco,” says Alexander Cesar. You have to get used to this if you are new to Austria. Seiser originally comes from Rathenow, a town west of Berlin. Because of his career, he ended up moving to DC where he spent ten years. As passionate The bartender And Hosts He most recently worked at the highly award-winning Nobelhardt & Dirtige in Berlin-Kreuzberg. He has been with the Mozarts and Falcos since the beginning of 2024 and is shaking up the sommelier here, at the Aend restaurant in Mariahilf.

Innovative, without any frills

He stresses that this does not mean in any way disrespectful, but rather to show the difference to his guests in Berlin. “In Vienna, everything is a little more individual.” From very classic guests to those with a distinctly Viennese character. “But now I've managed to find a balance.” The culinary offerings are equally diverse, “there is much more than just top-notch gastronomy.” Especially these ones Pub culture Alexander Cesar admires her functional kitchen. It's not a typical upscale kitchen at its current location, Aend. Owner Fabian Günzel relies on this in the 4-pole restaurant basics, integrates products in an innovative way; Without any chichi. The philosophy that Caesar shares.

“No rest for the big names.”

Overall, he has a great responsibility there 900 positions. “It was important to me to have all the wines in my hands before I started so I knew what was out there,” says Caesar. While his predecessor had specifically promoted the New World – that is, wines from the USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand – the new sommelier's main focus is on Europe. Champagne themes and still wines from the Champagne region should play a stronger role. “We have a lot of classics on the menu, but I want that too Champagne wine maker “existing.” This refers to wines from small companies that rely on craftsmanship and sustainable agriculture. In general, Alexandre Cesar “does not want to be based on the big names”, but rather wants to evolve more with the fast-moving world of wine.

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