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12,000 cheered for Falco in the rain at Wiener Neustadt

12,000 cheered for Falco in the rain at Wiener Neustadt

Fantastic concert “30 Years of Falco Symphony” at the Military Academy with a 100-piece orchestra.

Thunder, lightning and rain. Almost like the legendary Falco concert in Vienna Danube Island “30 Years of Falco Symphonic” also began Thursday evening Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt. But the weather couldn't dampen the enthusiasm.

The ceremony was witnessed by about 12,000 visitors 100-piece orchestrathe original band from 1994 as well as famous Austrian artists such as Roman Gregory or Tiny Kainrath.

The evening was organized and arranged by the city's music director, just as it was 30 years ago Raoul Herget And Falco is the leader of the squad Thomas Rabic. Also this The program was the same as in 1994.

“A musical event we could not have imagined better,” said city mayor Klaus Schneeberger. “I would like to thank all the participants, the artists and the exemplary organization. With 30 years of Falco Symphonic, Wiener Neustadt set an exclamation mark that was visible beyond our borders and will always be remembered.”

like In addition to the 1994 program, the band also played “Never More School” with a guest appearance by the children's choir. Wiener Neustadter School of Music and “The Inspector” with the musical cast Falco Moritz Mouser.

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