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Sean Penn was brutally kicked out of a bar for vaping

Sean Penn was brutally kicked out of a bar for vaping

Hollywood star Sean Penn got into an altercation with a security guard in a bar in Liverpool. Reason: He smoked an electronic cigarette in the restaurant.

Actor Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones”) got into a physical altercation with a staff member while visiting a pub in Liverpool. A video clip shows the security employee holding the 65-year-old man by the neck. According to a report by the British newspaper Daily Mail, between “They struggled on the ground and were dragged out of the restaurant.”.

The fight is said to have been sparked by an e-cigarette, which the actor smoked in the bar despite the ban.

The actor also puts his hands on the employee's clothes, and it is clear that he is talking to him, but what he is saying cannot be heard.

The words “calm down” or “calm down” can be heard in the short cell phone video of the altercation. It is not clear whether the words were spoken by a local employee or one of Ben's companions.

The actor is currently filming crime drama series This Town is Ours for the BBC in Liverpool.

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