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14th Diversity Ball “The Leaderscent Was So Colorful

14th Diversity Ball “The Leaderscent Was So Colorful

The celebration was colorful under the slogan “Be our ally”.

On Saturday, 7 May 2022, the 14th Diversity Ball transformed Korsalon Vienna into a live diversity venue. Classic ball tradition meets modern party culture. For the first time, a “Lovemore Award” was presented to musician Mel Meriot, who is also celebrating her debut as artistic director of a diversity band.

Artists such as Conchita, Virginia Ernst, Celine Roschik, and Lukas Blochl can be seen live on stage. In addition, dignitaries such as Lifeball founder Gerry Keszler, former skateboarding star Elisabeth “Lizz” Görgl, moderator Alphonse Haider, actress Dolores Schmidinger, City Councilor Peter Hacker or Deputy Mayor Christoph Wiederkehr and many other dignitaries celebrated with Ball’s mother Monica Haider.

An important part of Vienna

“The Diversity Ball is a very important part of Vienna and shows the diversity of this city, which should also be celebrated.” With these words, Deputy Mayor Christoph Federker inaugurated the 14th Diversity Ball in Vienna Kurslon. The city’s executive advisor on Education, Youth, Integration and Transparency took care of the ball this year, which is committed to diversity and more tolerance in our community.

“Our community is very divided. We want to make connections and remind people that we are one,” said Monica Haider, mother of the ball at the grand opening. This is why we decided this year’s ball motto: ‘Be our ally! “- Be our allies and help reunite society!” With that emotional appeal, Monica Haider gave the floor to City Councilman Peter Hacker, who then had the honor to announce very special news.

Leadercent was on the ball. You can find impressions here And here. (Approximately)

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