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Blind Guardian - working on new material

Blind Guardian – working on new material

November 2021: The dawning of the dark half of the year, the lack of daylight and the wilting of fallen leaves are daily reminders of the passage of life and the menacing shadows that lurk in the darkness. BUT: A shimmering light of hope cuts through darkness like a sword – BLIND GUARDIAN has come to save us from evil: “Deliver Us From Evil” is the title of the band’s new single, which will be released on December 3. The song is a harbinger of BLIND GUARDIAN’s new album, scheduled for September 2022.
The single will be available digitally and on 7-inch vinyl (including Merry Xmas Everybody as side B and signed postcard) and CD digipak (including Violent Shadows song – WWW Live Performance).

Hansi Korsch about the new song:
What can I say? We are so excited to finally be able to deliver a new single from the album, which will be released in September 2022, with “Deliver Us From Evil.” With our 2020 Christmas single “Merry Xmas everybody” and Wacken’s version of “Violent Shadows” The single also has two great songs ready for you, which we hope will calm the wait for the album a bit. Whether it’s vinyl or a CD, I can say one thing for sure, this song sounds great under the Christmas tree. The extremely limited vinyl version can be played on all DVD players work and always sound great – both in mono and in stereo!So be brave and fast, and above all, take it brave.Vinyl is a rare commodity.
We’re all painfully aware that the time left until the album’s release is too long. However, neither we nor our standard company are armed against the current global economic turmoil. In other words, this time everyone involved is actually innocent. With “Deliver Us From Evil” you get another first look at a very intense and lively album, which we hope will raise your expectations for our next album prank. It will be the same with me, but fortunately I know the entire album.
Speaking of anticipation, even if “Violent Shadows” and “Deliver Us From Evil” are undoubtedly great songs, we definitely don’t want to let you sit on “only” two songs for the next 10 months. Over the next few months, she’ll have you back submitting one title or another. I can promise you one thing, you will always be excited. Cheers to the digital age and the endless possibilities associated with it. Oh, the title of the album. There is one, but I won’t reveal it yet. That would be too good a thing.”

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