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15 new openings planned in 2021 |  Newsletter

15 new openings planned in 2021 | Newsletter

There are currently 35 stores for French fries friends all over Germany. The fast food provider has now announced that it has planned at least 15 new openings for 2021. This means that it will reach 50 stores this year. To date, four new stores have opened since the start of the year, including three brand-new locations (Singen, Regensburg and Hamburg) and one reopened post-renovation (Hanover). In addition, leases have already been signed for five additional stores (3 stores in Munich, Pasau and Forth), which are expected to open in the third quarter.

“Delivery Kitchen” and new locations

So far, Pommes Freunde has focused mainly on high frequency sites, but it is also possible to envision locations in residential or commercial areas in the future. For this purpose, among other things, the ‘delivery kitchen’ concept will be tested at three locations in the coming months. At these test locations, meals are exclusively prepared and then delivered through our delivery service or available for collection.

Plastic free by the end of 2021

Every crisis so far has shown that this is also the time for a professional retraining. As an experienced franchisor, we offer a well-functioning concept that can quickly become very economically attractive to franchisees. This is why we take our offer to everyone, also explicitly at career-changers, who want to fulfill their dream of independence with a strong partner by their side, ”explains Sebastian Betz, managing partner at Pommes Freunde, who also promotes sustainability: That’s the way Animal products should be in place and meat will be completely dispensed by 2030 at the latest and all sites will be completely plastic-free by the end of 2021.

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