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The new tire sticker starts May 1, 2021: all information

The new tire sticker starts May 1, 2021: all information

From May 1, 2021, there will be a significant innovation for drivers.

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In the European Union, on May 1, 2021, a new regulation on tire labeling (the “tire label”) will come into effect. This should give drivers who buy new tires better information about tire characteristics. However, experts are not entirely satisfied with the new tire sticker. According to them, important information will still be missing.

It is hardly relevant in practice

According to Friedrich Ebel, an OAMTC expert, the significance of the new additional information is manageable from a practical point of view. In addition to previous information about roll resistance, wet grip, and external rolling noise, there is also information about the suitability of ice rinks and ice rinks. “The former can be seen directly on the tire with a snowflake symbol, and the latter is most likely found on northern European tiresHowever, consumers should bear in mind that the label can still be a rough guide as it only provides information about a few tire characteristics. For comparison: Tire tests by ÖAMTC and its partners
An average of twelve features for the summer tires and 17 for the winter tires.

Makes it easy for manufacturers

Eppel also criticizes the fact that it is still very easy for manufacturers to achieve better label categories:Matching tightening or definition of better classes than “A”, for example B. “AA” or “A +” was originally planned, but neither was included in the list. In the future, the sticker will contain only five classes, the ratings in classes A to C will remain unchanged, and car tires previously designated “E” or “F” will be upgraded to a higher level to “D” or “E”. This means that these weaker models appear to the consumer better than they did on the previous tire label.“After all, the regulation limits the possibility of revising tire performance classes.

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All information about the new tire poster

There are also positive things

From the ÖAMTC expert’s point of view, on the other hand, it is positive that the regulation places more emphasis on a better view of the poster for consumers: the label requirements have been updated in both traditional and online retail and each frame must be registered in a database. “Also a good technique is to show the mileage on the label in the future – after all, this is an important aspect of the environment and the economy“, Says Ebel.However, it remains unclear how this can be implemented, because a realistic test method suitable for the frame label is still being developed.


Ultimately, the information content of the tire label at the time of submission, without information about wear behavior, remains at the same level as before, despite the new regulations. Consumers continue to receive comprehensive information only through independent tire tests (for example by ÖAMTC and its partners).

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