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16 children at the national under-12 training in Südstadt – ÖTV

16 children at the national under-12 training in Südstadt – ÖTV

From February 24-26, ÖTV U12 National Coach and Support Robert Mairich took a closer look at the class of 2012 at a national training session at the ÖTV Performance Center in Südstadt. This time, from March 24 to 26, it was the turn of the 2011 vintage. According to Mairich, it was a “relatively large group, with a very balanced line-up” that came to Maria Enzersdorf this time – with Luka Seger, Hector Freitas, Tobias Brundle, Ricky Kletter, Martin Starck, Jacob Mittermeier, Dominik Meisenlechner and the young NÖTV, Philippa Josh, Isabella Berueter, Valentina Dinkowski, Julia Ehrenberger, Mia Neumoller, Jasmine Schaff, Emma Thaler-Golmetzer, Annabelle Pichler.

A tradition indeed: “The athletic motor test was done on Friday morning. It took a little longer this time – because of the group size,” said Mairich. “In the afternoon we did a lot of groundstrokes, with open and side leg positions And the children worked to the rhythm of their beats. On Saturday we took a closer look at the net game, with volley, putt, rise to volley and correct position to play at the net. Mairich described the program on Sunday, We played points in singles and doubles the tried and tested way, with different tasks.

Of course, this can only be achieved with active support. On Friday and Saturday, ÖTV coaches Stephanie Hirsch and Manuel Hoscheger helped out on the tennis courts, and on Sunday, ÖTV sports director and Davis Cup captain Jürgen Melzer also got a personal impression. On Saturday, ÖTV fitness trainer Philipp Wesley was on site for fitness training, on Friday Manfred Kugler took care of this part, who once again put the focus on coordination. In addition, the children were thoroughly examined by a physiotherapist with the support of assistants on Friday. Possible reserves or problems were indicated. Mairich’s conclusion was ultimately very positive: “It was a large, well-rounded group that fit together well and had a lot of fun, even off the field”. As it should be.

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