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19. Salzcrystal – ICE SHOOTING 2024 at Vocklebruck – ARF – Australian Regional Television

19. Salzcrystal – ICE SHOOTING 2024 at Vocklebruck – ARF – Australian Regional Television

As in previous years, the Altausseer Salzkristall ice shooting marks the end of the ice season for stick shooters in the three Ausseerland communities. The event is held in a tried and tested manner at the Vockelbruck Ice Rink.
15 teams of 8 shooters each accepted the WSV Altaussee Invitational on 24 February to determine the winners of a fair competition in the all-vs-all mode, judged by grade, and to win one of the coveted silver pins.
The decision was made in the last match in a long-distance duel with the better end being the team “ATSV Bad Aussee 1” with Markus Grabner – they won the championship with a score of 5.571 ahead of the team Moarschaft “Augstbach/Hauser” with a score of 5.256 – these two teams played in a different league At that day! The third place came very close, with a score of 1.770, for “Shooting Center” with Florian Mohs, with a slight lead of 0.009 over the fourth place, “Fochsbauer” with Johannes Schrottenhammer, with a score of 1.761.
Additional rankings: 5. ASVÖ Grundlsee (1.589), 6. WSV Altaussee (1.462), 7. Scharsschützen (0.919), 8. ATSV Bad Aussee 2 (0.721), 9. Appühausa (0.675), 10. Obertressen (0.658), 11. Gössl (0.608), 12. Eselsbach/Unterkainisch (0.497), 13. Kohlrabi 1 (0.481), 14. Kohlrabi 2 (0.465) and 15th place went to Salinenmusik with a score of 0.411.
As usual, not only did the top three finishers receive beautiful silver pins and glass trophies, but all other participants also received beautiful merchandise and non-cash prizes supported by the local economy.
At the awards ceremony at the Volkshaus Althussee, Chairman of the Board Hans Kinzinger thanked the sponsors and donors of the awards as well as all the helpers around Johannes Schrottenhammer and Florian Moss, who helped ensure that the 19th Salzcrystal edition would once again be a success for stick throwers. “D'Röthelstoana” provided the musical accompaniment and the best entertainment – ​​schen Donk and Stock Heil!
A warm greeting, “God bless you,” to all supporters:
State Governor Christopher Drexler, State Governor – Deputy Anton Lange, Althussee Municipality – BGM Gerald Loisel, Bad Aussee Municipality – BGM Franz Frosch, Grundlsee Municipality – BGM Franz Steiniger, Bosna Bar, Brau Union, Electro Hentschel, Nursery Reichenbock, Gasthof Blaa Alm, Gasthof Schneiderwirt, Gasthof Wies´n, GWH Brandauer, Hotel Seevilla, Jausenstation Kahlseneck, Interior Design Stöckl, Salinen Austria, Schneiderei Haselnus, Transporte Stummer, Unimarkt Neumeyer, Volksbank Bad Aussee, Ze-Bau.

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Hans Kinzinger