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20 dead after plane crash in Nepal

20 dead after plane crash in Nepal


Machine wreckage was discovered Monday in an area that was hard to reach – the two missing occupants may no longer be alive.

A day after the plane crash in Nepal, rescue workers retrieved 20 bodies. Authorities in the Himalayan state said Monday that two more passengers of the small passenger plane are believed to have died. There is little hope of finding survivors. The search operation, in which the Nepalese army also participates, is being conducted at an altitude of approximately 4500 meters under constantly difficult weather conditions.

Difficult to access area

The plane of the private airline Tara Air crashed on Sunday. The wreck was discovered only on Monday at the foot of the mountain. The crash site is located in the 8ent167-meter Daulagiri region, the seventh highest mountain in the world, in a hard-to-reach area. According to the airline and government, there were 16 Nepalese, four Indians and Germans on board the DHC-6-300 Twin Otter.

The machine had started in the tourist town of Pokhara, about 125 kilometers west of the capital Kathmandu, and was on its way to Jomsom, a popular tourist and pilgrimage site about 80 kilometers to the northwest. Usually the journey takes only 20 minutes. But five minutes before the planned landing, the connection with the airport in Pokhara was lost.


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