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Russia stops gas supplies to the Netherlands

Russia stops gas supplies to the Netherlands

According to GasTerra, there will be no supply bottlenecks because the gas has already been purchased elsewhere. The contract with Gazprom expires on October 1, anyway. Energy Secretary Rob Getten doesn’t expect any major damage to households and the economy either. “The government will monitor the situation closely in the near future,” he said in The Hague.

The Netherlands gets about 15 percent of its gas needs from Russia, or about 6 billion cubic meters annually. However, the government has already taken measures to stop relying on Russian energy by the end of the year. Gas storage tanks should be full by winter. In addition, more liquid gas will be imported.

So far, the government has ruled out restarting production from its gas fields in Groningen in the northeast. But it is unclear whether this is still viable now that Gazprom’s supplies have been prematurely stopped.

Due to the severe damage caused by a large number of smaller earthquakes, production in Groningen was significantly reduced. Production was due to end this year. Therefore, GasTerra in Groningen will also cease to operate by the end of 2024.

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