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200 million incorrect product reviews on Amazon in 2020

200 million incorrect product reviews on Amazon in 2020

According to the group, the growth in the number of incorrect reviews of the product is significant.

According to Spiegel, US shipping giant Amazon has identified and deleted more than 200 million false product reviews, or so-called “mock reviews,” around the world. This was revealed by inside information, Spiegel reported Friday in advance of its new version. Just a few years ago, the number reported by Amazon was 13 million.

The magazine reported that the group has launched 30 lawsuits in Germany alone since 2018 and obtained 17 injunctions in the past few years. The online retailer imposed a fine of 150,000 euros on sellers and agencies who tried to tamper with sales with the reviews they bought.

The growth in the number of incorrect product reviews is enormous, citing Spiegel from the group. Another reason is “continuous improvements in recognition”. The group now spends $700 million (€595 million) worldwide on staff and software to detect fake valuations. Spiegel said it is sometimes difficult to sue them legally in Germany because providing fake product reviews is not generally a criminal offence.


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