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2021 Formula 1 World Cup 'can no longer be reversed'

2021 Formula 1 World Cup ‘can no longer be reversed’

( – Former Formula 1 driver and team boss Gerhard Berger believes that the result of the 2021 world championship will be held with new champion Max Verstappen. There is a theoretical possibility that Mercedes could resume the rejected FIA protests in the final in Abu Dhabi. But Berger does not think this would be appropriate for the sport.

DTM Team Principal Gerhard Berger protects race director Michael Massey


He stressed that “it can no longer be reversed.” In a current video on the YouTube channel, which is published there with permission from “ServusTV”. It is clear to the head of the Transfer Tracking Matrix (DTM): “Mathematical supremacy has the last word. In this case, this is Michael Massey.”

The fact that Massey is in the crosshairs of criticism has moved Berger into a fiery defensive appeal to the FIA’s race director. Massey first made the decision in Abu Dhabi not to allow wrap-around cars to return during the safe car phase. He later reviewed this decision after the intervention of Christian Horner, Red Bull team boss. This should turn the World Cup upside down in a lap and a half.

Berger seeks to understand Massey and take conspiracy theories off the table: “Why did he make this decision? Neither side had an advantage with him.” […] He didn’t want to finish the race under the safety car because he said: Race […] It should end as a race and not under the safety car “that’s ‘good'” and ‘in the interest of the sport and the fans’.

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The Austrian also criticizes the team bosses’ continuous attempts to influence Massey. As for the desperate radio message Toto Wolff sent out in the last round, he already understands because of feelings. But the Mercedes chief’s attempt to get Massi out of the safety car stage when Antonio Giovinazzi was sent off was not legitimate.

Berger: Why did Massey do everything right

Michael Massey has come under fire after the controversial finale in Abu Dhabi. Gerhard Berger is now making an appeal in his defence. More Formula 1 videos

“You can’t tell Massey what to do now,” Berger says. “He has ten seconds to make such decisions. It’s very difficult. He has to watch six or seven things at the same time.” […]. In the background lawyers sit with a hundred engineers who have screens and then say, “There’s a slight flaw, there’s a slight flaw.” If we exercise like this, it won’t work.”

“Watching, I always had a feeling: He’s trying to do justice to the sport, he’s trying to do what the fans want. Of course, whoever was punished or disqualified always had the impression that they were against him. But if looking at the end result, I think it was well balanced. Good between Red Bull and Mercedes.”

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