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3 Powerful Math Tools – Say Numbers, Equation Solver & Tip Calculator – GoogleWatchBlog

3 Powerful Math Tools – Say Numbers, Equation Solver & Tip Calculator – GoogleWatchBlog

the Google web search It can answer many questions directly without the need to integrate a chatbot or similar tool. This applies not only to concrete facts or structured data, but also to the area mathematics. Now you’re offering three powerful tips for making everyday math a little easier. However, in Germany you need special standards for this.

For many years, Google Web Search provided direct answers to many questions that were always displayed right above the search results and included important facts. Over the years, this feature has grown exponentially and spread out realistically pierced into massive lone squares, the Knowledge Graph. ChatBot Bard or its offshoot could take over this task soon, but it will likely be a few months before then.

Not only can Google provide hard facts, but it can also handle numbers. Calculator and converters should be familiar to many users, but a web search can do much more. Some of the functions shown below were only added some time ago, such as solving equations. Others have been around for a long time, but are not available in German.

The following three tips for everyday math are summarized in the Google Blog, and here you’ll find a quick overview and explanation of the individual areas covered. Unfortunately, it’s only in English, but with the appropriate search queries or parameter, you can still use it in the German version.

Pronounce the numbers correctly

Anyone can read the numbers, but if it exceeds a certain size, for many people it becomes difficult. Google web search can help by displaying numbers with the correct English pronunciation. All you need to do is to enter the desired number followed by the “=english” sign. As a result, the number is presented in words and can be read. Anyone who finds this challenging in the English language can use the tool. Unfortunately, no other languages ​​are supported.

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solve equations

Simple problems can be entered into the calculator, but what about longer equations or problems? Google web search can also help here and is likely to be augmented with support from a startup that was acquired a few years ago. The task appears in an easy to read Google Calculator form and the solution is shown below. This can be done in several steps and shows the concrete task of the solution.

It not only shows the solution broadcast by Google, but also links to several math websites with their solutions and interfaces. If that doesn’t work for you, append the parameter “&hl=en” to the web search to switch the language to English.

Tip account

Tipping may be given in a restaurant or other establishment based on intuition or adherence to certain customs. If you belong to the latter group or want to get directed, you can also do so on Google. Simply enter ‘Tip Calculator’ into a web search and the tool will launch – unfortunately only in English. Then enter the total amount, tip percentage and number of people, and the calculator spits it all out for you. The amount per person and the total amount including tip is already included.

In addition to these three tools, there is of course a Google calculator, which you can access simply by searching for “calculator” or perhaps faster, “1 + 1” or a similar task. It is a standard calculator that can be used on both desktop and smartphone. But there are also many converters available, which you can easily access by entering “100 cm to meters” or something similar.

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