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3 signs Harry and Meghan are dying in America

3 signs Harry and Meghan are dying in America

It looks like an outtake from the Netflix documentary “Harry & Megan“And Prince Harry’s memoirs, “Spare” (German title: “Reserve”), at least in the United States, did not have the effect that the Sussexes, known as Prince and wife Meghan, wanted to achieve. In the past two months in the United States, several studies have shown. In general, in the United States, Meghan and Harry are not taken so seriously. It seems not taken, and there are many signs of this.

1. Popularity ratings rock bottom

Prince Harry and Meghan’s popularity is at an all-time low on both sides of the Atlantic, according to an analysis by an American TV presenter. Megan Kelly. Meanwhile, the couple’s popularity in the US will be worse than in Great Britain. In the past few months, Meghan and Harry’s popularity ratings have plummeted. “They’ve fallen even further in America and Britain,” Kelly said. Meghan is less popular than Harry.

Redfield & Wilton polled 2,000 eligible voters in the U.S. on January 16, six days after Harry’s book was published. Newsweek. 31 percent said they liked Prince and 38 percent did not like him. Meghan was rated favorably by 26 percent of Americans and 39 percent negatively. And it went further: A follow-up poll by Redfield & Wilton on February 19 showed that 42 percent of Americans disliked the Duke of Sussex, while 32 percent said they liked him.

2. Not invited to important events

It also causes speculation: Meghan and Harry don’t attend major Hollywood events. Among other things, they are not guests at this year’s Oscars – although it was previously speculated that they might attend. While it may be a personal decision, rumors have been circulating for some time that the Sussexes are no longer in vogue with Hollywood’s elite.

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That’s how it should be Oprah Winfrey, who once gave an infamous interview about Meghan and Harry’s exit from royalty, is said to no longer be part of the duo’s inner circle. However, he did not invite Meghan and Harry to his last birthday – unlike many celebrities.

3. Jokes at Sussex’s expense

Another sign that the Sussexes are slowly becoming something of a laughingstock due to the ongoing allegations against the royal family is that US television is increasingly allowing jokes at Meghan and Harry’s expense. This is how Sussex was dragged through Cocoa in the satirical series “South Park”.