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Leave the royal family: Prince Joachim and Princess Mary move to America

It reminds me a bit of the story Duchess Megan And Prince Harry: Big changes are about to happen in the Danish royal family because Prince Joachim And Princess Mary They announced that they were going to America after their children were stripped of their royal titles.

Prince Joachim goes to America

Prince Joachim is the youngest son Queen Margrethe IIThey have four children Nikolai, Felix, Henrik And Athena The Prince was stripped of his title last September. Six months later, it was announced that Joachim, sixth in line to the Danish throne, would become the Defense Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Washington – so he would move to America with his family.

Joachim showed no bitterness when he announced the coming changes. “I am proud that I still have the opportunity to represent Denmark internationally in the field of defense and security,” he said. Daily Mail Danish Royal. “Transatlantic cooperation is an area of ​​great importance, and I am honored that you have found me qualified for this role.”

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