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3D LifePrints announces expansion in the United States

3D LifePrints, A 3D printing company specializing in medical applications, plans to expand to the United States and former NASA astronaut Dr. Scott E. Parazynski announced as a member of the committee.

after that ISO 13,485 certified companies are opening a new medical 3D printing facility in Texas, and will work with leading U.S. hospitals to set up point-of-care hubs in several states.

3D LifePrints is expanding in the United States as part of the ABHI US Accelerator Project in collaboration with Dell Medical School. At its Texas facility, the company will work closely with surgeons and physicians to provide 3D-printed patient-specific anatomical models and bespoke surgical simulation and training equipment for various surgical specialties such as pediatrics, cardiac surgery, orthopedics and more. Every point-of-care facility that opens 3D Lifeprints in the United States includes on-site biomedical engineers, 3D printing hardware and a. Software-Suite feature.

The motivation behind providing these services is to help hospitals reduce operating costs and improve patient outcomes. As part of this goal, 3D Life Prints Dr. Parajinsky was the founder of Fluidity Technologies after leaving NASA after training at Stanford and Harvard.

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