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– Encouragement, sadness and anger – VG

Farmer President: Jimmy Carter gave a Sunday school sermon on November 3, 2019 at a Baptist church in Georgia. Photo: John Amis / A.P.

Republicans in Georgia have voted in favor of laws that reduce the ability to vote early in elections. Former President Jimmy Carter, 96, does not like the progress of his home state.


– I am tired, sad and angry when our state politicians try to divert time through legislation that reduces the ability of many people living in Georgia to vote.

Says Jimmy Carter, former U.S. President of Democracy A statement Tuesday.

He led the United States between 1977 and 1981, and he was born and raised in Georgia. Before becoming president, he was governor of the state.

After becoming president, he co-founded the Carter Center with his wife, Rosalyn Carter. Promoting free and fair elections worldwide is central to the Centre’s mission.

– The goal should always be to increase, not decrease, to vote, he says.

The state of Georgia has long been a Republican stronghold, but something happened in last year’s presidential election. For the first time in 28 years, voters voted for the Democratic nominee when Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by just 12,000 votes.

In the Senate election in early January, the state also became Two sitting Republican senators were replaced by two Democrats.

This upset some Republicans, and the government quickly became a target for former President Donald Trump. And his allegations of electoral fraud.

Among other things, it has changed Trump is said to have tried to put pressure on the government Executive Minister to “find” more votes, A case currently pending at the state level.

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Voted by bill

In 2005, the Georgia Congress decided that citizens should have the opportunity to vote in advance without giving any specific reason.

On Monday this week, the Senate, which has a Republican majority, voted in favor of a comprehensive bill limiting this possibility.

According to the NTB, the scheme states that early voting is possible only for those over 65 years of age, disabled and persons who are not physically present in their constituency on election day. There will also be a requirement to present identification with a photo to vote in advance.

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Republican majority leader Mike Dugan says the increase in the number of early votes puts a lot of pressure on the state election office in the presidential election, and a change is needed.

– In recent years, he says, the number of advance votes has increased to the point where districts in practice hold three elections simultaneously.

According to News agency A.P. About one million voters in the state, one-fifth of those who voted in last year’s election, used the method – partly because of the corona epidemic.

– We should all be proud

Several states changed their electoral laws in this year’s election to make it easier for people to “vote far away” over the corona epidemic. Republicans are now working to reverse those changes in several states.

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Plus content

However, in some cases, they want to regulate the laws further.

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– These are reactions to allegations of election fraud, allegations that have not been substantiated. The allegations, which were actually denied through various investigations, details and other actions, the former president added in the statement:

– In November, we saw a record number of successful elections recorded, with few or no fake votes included. It should add pride to all of us.