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3DMark Steel Nomad: UL's new free raster scanning benchmark has been delayed

3DMark Steel Nomad: UL's new free raster scanning benchmark has been delayed

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In December, UL announced that 3DMark Steel Nomad, which was announced as a new raster benchmark in the fall of 2023, would be released as a free update in the first quarter of 2024. However, none of that happened — the update in question didn't appear on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024 also.

The Windows version missed the first quarter

In fact, UL hasn't mentioned the 3DMark Steel Nomad since. The delay isn't official, but it's obvious when you look at the calendar. Although the 3DMark suite only received an update to version 5.7.1 on March 27, Steel Nomad was not included. It is still unclear why and for how long the new drip standard has been delayed. In fact, there's been no talk of a fully multilingual Steel Nomad debuting in Q1 2024; What was meant was only the version of Windows that supports DirectX 12 and Vulkan. Regarding light versions for Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS, UL has talked about a release later in the year.

On PC, Steel Nomad will push graphics cards to the limits of their raster performance as a particularly demanding benchmark, according to UL. So far there are three screenshots that aim to give an impression of the successor to Time Spy.

3DMark Steel Nomad (Image: UL)

The Steel Nomad takes control of the Time Thief's legacy

Published October 26, 1998 Futuremark 3DMark99 for Windows 95 and DirectX API in version 6.0. Brand 3DMark celebrated its 25th birthday in the fall of 2023, which UL (Insurance laboratories) – which bought Futuremark in October 2014 – took the opportunity to announce a brand new 3DMark benchmark, 3DMark Steel Nomad.

Unlike the 3DMark Speed ​​Way or Port Royal introduced in 2022 as well as the new 3DMark Solar Bay, the Steel Nomad does not require ray tracing and is therefore a classic raster benchmark in the long-standing Time Spy tradition since 2016. For this purpose, it will Users have up to more than 42 million results submitted in October 2023, as the developers casually noted.

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