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A new mockup shows the upcoming representation of the map view

A new mockup shows the upcoming representation of the map view

With Thunderbird 115 it was MZLA Technologies Corporation has visually updated its email client, among many other changes. But that’s not the end of the matter. A new mockup shows additional plans for the new map view.

Thunderbird 115 brought some innovations. A lot has also changed visually. With the newly introduced card view, an alternative view to inserting emails has been introduced. This has been a standard for new users since Thunderbird 115.2.3.

However, compared to the original model in the lead-up to Thunderbird 115, the new map view looks as if it was unfinished. Although it works without any obvious problems, it does not look as beautiful and, above all, as informative as the design preview showed. It’s no surprise, then, that we can expect more changes here. The original idea was developed further and New mockup It now shows what the Thunderbird map should look like in the future.

The improved map is scheduled to debut at the end of October in Thunderbird Daily, i.e. daily updated developer versions. No information regarding delivery was provided in the final version. But this will likely be part of a big major update (possibly Thunderbird 128) in summer 2024.

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