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4 days a week and dogs are allowed too: that's why these companies don't have a problem with hiring

4 days a week and dogs are allowed too: that’s why these companies don’t have a problem with hiring

A 4-day week, flexible hours, dogs welcome and “Lots of girl power!”: This is the approximate wording of a job posting for an advertising agency in Vienna. You should send your CV with your application, but without mentioning your gender, date of birth and place of birth and without a photo. “Diversity and inclusion and all that stuff, we take it very seriously and that’s why you don’t have to submit this information. We wanted to get to know the people behind it and feel the passion at work,” explains Michaela Arturo-Human, co-owner of advertising agency ‘Gamz n’ Roses. In Vienna, how someone looks is not important to us.

Application in a different way

Already a standard model in the United States, owner Gamze Ertug adds: “I know it myself. In the past, I was not often invited for job interviews just because of my name.” The 35-year-old, along with 25-year-old Rosa Metzler and 51-year-old Michela Arturo Heumann, founded their own agency. Three generations want to turn the world of work upside down: “We all have different experiences. I still know entire 60-hour decades weren’t fun. Gamze often struggled because of her immigrant origins, and Rosa wasn’t taken seriously because of her youth. We don’t want any of that.” You don’t have to experience anything like that with us,” confirms Arturo Heumann.

company culture

The large number of requests confirms that the three women have struck a chord with their concept. There were about 55 people in the first few days, says Ertog, “that’s a lot for a young, young agency. More than half of them were really cool.”

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Of course, one could now assume a stroke of luck. However, current numbers from a hokify survey paint a clear picture: According to this, 85 percent of those surveyed would not submit a request if the company’s culture did not match their values ​​principles.

Sell ​​the job better

But this is exactly what often fails, as entrepreneurs know: “Something has to change in job selling strategies. You have to communicate authentically – but that doesn’t happen with job ads.” It is clear that the advertising agency was able to achieve The results are credible, but also hit the target with 4 days a week and flexible working hours: “Flexibility is the number one issue. Nobody wants to be tied to a fixed place anymore. People want to do their jobs at their own pace and in the place they choose,” Ertuğ is convinced. It doesn’t matter how you do it. And if you’ve already finished your weekly workload after two days and want to go swimming, I wish you a good time swimming.”

Flexible and independent of the site

This was also confirmed by a current study conducted by the recruitment network LinkedIn: employees who can work flexible in terms of time and location are 2.6 times more satisfied and 2.1 times more willing to recommend an employer.