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4 things you should do by the age of 30

4 things you should do by the age of 30

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  2. Live healthy

If you start early to incorporate certain habits into your life, it will be easier to live a healthy life into old age. How to prevent dementia.

The risk of dementia increases as people get older. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, less than three percent of people aged 65 to 70 years suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, about one in five people aged 85 and over and one in three over the age of 90 are affected. However, there are also forms of dementia such as frontotemporal dementia, which usually occurs in earlier years. However, it is possible to partially counteract mental decline. You should start doing this at an early age.

Preventing dementia at an early age – geriatricians recommend four things

To prevent dementia in old age, mental fitness should start already at the age of 30. © Scientific Image Library / IMAGO

“Mental fitness is like financial planning: it’s better to start early and invest moderately than late,” says Johannes Trabert, geriatrician, neurologist and chief physician at the Agaplision Marcus Hospital in Frankfurt am Main. The virtuous city. According to Trabert, aging, and with it a decline in physical and mental abilities, begins early, starting from the age of thirty. To preserve memory for a long time, the expert recommends the following four things:

  1. Regular physical activity: According to a neurologist, at least three 30-minute sports units per week should be included in your daily life. Dancing, in particular, can protect against memory loss because there is no routine involved in this type of movement. By rehearsing new combinations of steps, movement sequences, and choreographies each time, the brain is challenged. This, in turn, has a positive effect on memory performance.
  2. Regular mental trainingIn addition to physical exercise, mental fitness naturally plays a major role when it comes to preventing dementia in old age. In order to keep yourself mentally fit, the expert advises changing the mental exercise. “By not using GPS, memorizing one or another phone number, or doing other little brain teasers, you can train your own memory. It’s important to be different,” says Trabert. For example, brush your teeth with your left hand. instead of your right hand.Or break the routine by solving not only crossword puzzles, but also sometimes Sudoku.
  3. healthy nutritionWhen it comes to nutrition, it is best to rely on a Mediterranean diet to counteract mental decline and protect against dementia. This includes eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and proteins such as fish.
  4. social interactions: Anyone who cares about adequate social contact and exchange as well as interaction with others does well with the intellectual input of their mental fitness.
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Incorporate healthy habits into daily life as early as possible

So if you start incorporating good and healthy habits into your life and daily life at the age of 30, you have a decisive advantage: because it is easier, for example, to eat healthy and get enough exercise even in old age. This not only keeps you fit for a long time and slows down the aging process, but also protects you from dementia at the same time.

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