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The most important thing in the unique sky scene

The most important thing in the unique sky scene

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  2. Rhineland and North Rhine-Westphalia

The full moon will get particularly close to Earth soon. This phenomenon is known as a super moon – and it can provide special photos.

Cologne – Between Enchantment and Despair: For some, the full moon regularly provides special spectacles, for others, the full moon robs them of their sleep. Many people noticed this by the beginning of August 2023 at the latest, when the full moon appeared quite large due to its special proximity to Earth. This phenomenon is popularly known as the Super Moon. Now he is standing The largest supermoon of the year in the starting blocks. All information about sky scenery.

when? On the night of August 30 to August 31, 2023 (exact full moon phase: 3:36 AM)
where? At best in dimly lit places
how? Nothing special is required to watch Super Moon

Super Moon 2023 in NRW: At the end of August, Trabant is the shortest distance from Earth

The supermoon will light up over Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia at night from August 30 to August 31. Trabant will be “closer” to Earth than it will ever be in 2023 – at a distance of about 357,200 km. This brings the Moon in its semi-elliptical orbit about 200 kilometers closer to the supermoon on August 1, 2023. For comparison: the Moon’s average distance is a good 380,000 kilometers. He writes: “Any distance on the surface of the moon less than 360,000 km is said to be a supermoon.”

However, according to the Society of Friends of the Stars, the difference in distance wouldn’t make a noticeable difference. The exact full moon phase will be reached in the early morning of August 31, at 3:36 AM. For astronomy lovers, the observation will not be quite as comfortable as it happened with the first supermoon in August 2023, which reached the full moon phase exactly in the evening. The double sight is possible because the cycle between two full moons is 29.5 days, but August has 31 days.

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Super Moon 2023 over NRW: Tips for observing the sky’s spectacle

If you want to watch Super Moon at the end of August, you have to stay in places that are particularly dark. Thus the Königsallee in Düsseldorf or the city center of Duisburg are not really suitable due to the high level of light pollution. Whether the supermoon will also be visible from NRW depends largely on atmospheric conditions. If it is very cloudy, the celestial phenomenon will probably not be visible either.

The first supermoon in August 2023 has already been set up for special viewing. © Jens Buttner / dpa

The full moon in late August 2023 is also referred to as a “blue moon.” However, this has nothing to do with what color the celestial body glows at night. Instead, the second full moon in a month is referred to as a “blue moon.” The origin of the name has not been finally clarified. This phenomenon is very rare, it is not for nothing that the expression “once in a blue moon” is used in English-speaking countries. The next “blue moon” won’t happen until May 31, 2026. (MG) Fair and independent information about what is happening in NRW and Germany – sign up for the free 24RHEIN newsletter here.