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4 tips on how to look likable

4 tips on how to look likable

“Can you help me please?” Sometimes asking for support can be very difficult and requires effort. Because: We don’t want to take advantage of anyone or be seen as subordinate. Often the opposite is true! When you ask others for a favor, you often appear more sympathetic than before — thanks to the “Benjamin Franklin effect.”

This is how the Benjamin Franklin effect works

Ask for help from others and appear more sympathetic? I’m sorry what? Yes, you read that correctly. This works thanks to the Benjamin Franklin effect. This psychological phenomenon states that we are more likely to like someone if we do them a favor. The namesake of American politician Benjamin Franklin, who is said to have begun a lifelong friendship through a request from the original feud. Scientific experiments have shown: the effect is based on the so-called cognitive dissonance. So we feel a mental imbalance when we do a favor for someone we initially considered unsympathetic. Solve our minds: We rate the person more empathetically and positively!

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4 tips on how to look likable

We all want to be loved by our fellow human beings! Surely, there is only one best friend with whom we can share everything and also show our bad side. But wouldn’t it be nice if that grumpy fellow approached us more positively or if the brief conversation with the gruff neighbor was more relaxed? Thanks to the Benjamin Franklin effect, you can actively do something for positive charisma and empathy. For example, next time you can ask that coworker for a small favor at the coffee maker. Whether it’s “Could you give me the milk, please?” or “Do you know what’s delicious in the canteen today?” It is – these little questions can make a big difference. Even if you ask for technical knowledge for your current business project, you are showing that you value the person’s skills. This immediately brings bonus points in terms of sympathy. With a charming smile and a friendly request, you will definitely be remembered favorably! By the way, we also have a few tricks on how you can instantly appear more likable when dating and how body language can help you make a positive impression on your date.

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With the following four tips, you will quickly gain sympathy:

  1. Ask others for small favors and support
  2. Offer to help yourself
  3. Show interest in the other person, for example by asking questions
  4. friendly smile

The Benjamin Franklin Effect shows how powerful and beneficial small actions can be in building and improving relationships. By helping others or asking for help yourself, you appear more empathetic and can create a sense of connection.