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New concept of adaptation to climate change in Linz –

New concept of adaptation to climate change in Linz –


Linz is stepping up its fight against climate change. In addition to the current climate strategy, there is now a so-called climate change adaptation concept.

It is about the consequences of climate change that can no longer be prevented, according to Eva Schösberger (Grenz), a member of the City Council for Climate and Environment. In urban areas, this is especially hot. Schobesberger says there is a 30-point concept that includes: “The attack of trees that we have already begun. I only remember the many trees we have now planted in Rathausviertel or Kroatengasse.”

Flat roofs should be green

Hail and heavy rain are also consequences of climate change, which must be mitigated, according to Linz Mayor Klaus Luger (SPÖ): “We will not be able to prevent hail or heavy thunderstorms in Linz. However, what we can do is green the flat roofs so that they are not traces of Thunderstorms in Linz are severe.

ÖVP and FPÖ did not agree

Linz already has a climate strategy. This includes measures to counter climate change, such as the expansion of photovoltaics or public transportation. The ÖVP and FPÖ have not agreed on the concept and would still like to consult.

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