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41 stars on Olympic roster: America nominates monster team, but bad boy missing

41 stars on Olympic roster: America nominates monster team, but bad boy missing

41 stars on the Olympic list
America nominates Team Monster, but the bad guy is missing

The NBA's biggest stars have been saying for months that they want to compete in the Olympics. America's preliminary team is now an all-star selection. However, the twelve-man squad for Paris will not be finalized until the spring.

The USA Basketball Association has announced the preliminary 41-man squad for the Olympics and, as expected, has nominated some of the biggest names in the game. The list released Tuesday includes LeBron James and Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kevin Durant and Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns, LA Clippers Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and James Harden and Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers and Stephen Curry. Golden State Warriors. Bad Boy Draymond Green is not recommended. The Warriors professional was recently suspended from the NBA after a punch.

Curry has never competed for Team USA in the Olympics. If Durant is in Paris and the U.S. wins the Olympics as expected, he will become the world's first basketball player to become a four-time Olympic champion. Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors will coach the national team at the Olympics. His assistants were Ty Lue of the Clippers and Eric Spoelstra of the Heat.

A twelve-man squad for Paris will be finalized in the spring. The US will prepare with three Test matches in July. Against Canada on July 10 in Las Vegas, then against South Sudan on July 20 in London, and against world champions Germany on July 22.

Duncan Robinson of the Miami Heat is a special case on the temporary team, he is also interested in the three-on-three type and is in talks with the American Association. “There's definitely a chance,” said Robinson, who is one of the NBA's best three-point shooters.

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