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Republicans and Democrats view the economy differently

Republicans and Democrats view the economy differently

Republicans live in a different America than Democrats. That's hardly the case with the results of the University of Michigan's monthly consumer survey. Consumers are asked monthly about the general economic situation and their own finances and what spending plans they have. Responses are filtered into an index. A value of around 100 indicates a good mood, while a value of 50 indicates a crisis.

The latest poll results again show a surprisingly large gap: 101.3 for Democrats in January. On the other hand, Republican consumer sentiment was 57.7. Even during the financial crisis in 2008, Republicans were in better shape than they are now.

While Republicans were excited

The mood of the political camps was almost never the same. But the odds were significantly smaller over the decades. This changed in the last phase of the administration of Democratic President Barack Obama and became more pronounced under President Donald Trump, who after winning the primary election in the state of New Hampshire, has a good chance of becoming the Republican candidate in the presidential election. to compete in early November.

40 point margins were the order of the day for him. In February 2020, with Trump in office just before the pandemic, Republicans were visibly happier with an index value of 127.2, a record never measured before, while Democrats expressed satisfaction below 80 points.