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47 degrees in the Balkans and 50 degrees in Italy «

47 degrees in the Balkans and 50 degrees in Italy «

According to a new American model, a heat wave will hit both the Balkans and Italy next week: the temperature is supposed to reach 50 degrees – this will be a European record.

11:17 AM, July 29, 2021


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A heat wave from Africa may cause record temperatures next week © (c) AFP (DENIS LOVROVIC)

the Weather platform by Swiss TV meteorologist Jörg Katchelmann mentioned by one huge heat bubble, Which should reach the Balkans and Italy next week from Africa. It will be the height of the heat wave for 08. August is expected. Kachelmannwetter tweeted at the model map of the regions with the comment: “One can really hope the new American model doesn’t arrive!” So it is possible that the temperature can reach 50 degrees.

According to the model, popular holiday destinations for Austrians such as Croatia, Turkey and Greece. Before Rhodes and Kos The typical map shows 44 degrees, and Thessaloniki is still 40 degrees. The situation in individual regions of Italy appears to be more extreme.

The American model counts up to 50 degrees regionally, which might even mean a record in Europe. Athens (still) maintains this status, as 48°C was measured on July 10, 1977. Meteorologist Clemence Gross Kachelmann GmbH tweeted: “I’ve never seen maps like this before and one can only hope that in southern and southeastern Europe it doesn’t become like this.”

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