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This was probably the last shutdown

Only then will the epidemic end

Simulation researcher Nikki Popper speaks clearly: ‘This is simply not enough’

About 5.2 million Austrians – 66 percent of the vaccinated population – have been vaccinated against COVID-19 at least once. For simulation researcher Nikki Popper, this vaccination rate is still very low. “This is simply not enough because we have solved the problem,” the expert said in an interview with Vienna today.

“Then we’re through”

“If we can manage 80-85 percent, we’re done. Then we no longer have to deal with limitations at all.” In the models you can see that “the velocity of propagation goes down with every percentage,” Popper continues.

So the expert calls for new ways to motivate people to get vaccinated. We have to go to the people and tell them. If you get vaccinated, you help us get that thing done.” Popper also suggests unusual places like churches, synagogues, or mosques.

However, the expert does not believe in the requirement of universal vaccination. “A discussion like this only annoys people, it’s about voluntarism.” By contrast, Popper could envisage the compulsory vaccination of certain occupational groups.

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