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4X Punk Wars for PC has been released!

4X Punk Wars for PC has been released!

Strategy Forge and publisher Jujubee are pleased to announce that the 4X turn-based strategy game Evil wars From now on steam And GOG.COM Available at €16.99 with an additional introductory 10% discount!

Evil wars It tells the story of four new forces that rise from the ashes of a global catastrophe and fight for supremacy over the ruins of a once-magnificent metropolis. Be the great leader of the messianic steam punk, the dark diesel punk, the military steel punk or the technocratic atomic punk, each faction holds the key to a different branch of industrial science with a different set of unique skills. Explore the ruins of a bygone civilization where resources are scarce and dangers common. Develop infrastructure and technology that guarantees you victory. Develop a successful strategy and gameplay for each faction using their special abilities and units.

Be the Christ of the New Age and lead mankind into an era of prosperity and happiness…just as you imagine.

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