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5 risk factors you should avoid

5 risk factors you should avoid

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Although nasal cancer is considered a rare cancer in Europe, there are some risk factors that you should know about and avoid.

According to information received from, cancers of the nose and nasopharynx develop Multidisciplinary specialized center MCCLINIC Often not clear. imagines tumor For example, complaints and symptoms hidden in the sinuses often appear only at an advanced stage. Because depending on the area of ​​the nose where the tumor is located, Nasal cancer can be noticed by various signs. There are many risk factors that can promote the development of so-called nasopharyngeal cancer.

Preventing nasal cancer: 5 risk factors to avoid

Since inhaling wood is a risk factor for nasal tumors, nasal cancer is considered an occupational disease among carpenters. © Roslanchik/Imago

Unlike Asia, where malignant tumors in the nasal region are common, nasal cancer is noisy in Europe Focus online Rare cancer. It is estimated that about 50 out of every 100,000 people in Germany develop the disease each year Head and neck cancer, where people from certain areas have a lower chance of survival. Less than one in 100,000 people in this country have developed oropharyngeal cancer in recent years. Most tumors that grow in the nose are benign. However, tumors that grow in the nasopharynx, and therefore internally, are often malignant.

There is currently no reliable information about the causes of nasal cancer. However, scientists and doctors have identified some factors that increase the risk of nasal cancer and can contribute to the development of the tumor. So the following risk factors can promote nasal cancer:

  • Inhaling wood dust (nasal cancer is considered an occupational disease among carpenters)
  • Genetic predisposition (nose cancer often occurs in people whose first-degree relative also has the disease)
  • Viruses promote the development of nasal cancer (eg Epstein-Barr virus, human papillomaviruses)
  • smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
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Nose cancer and its chances of recovery: The probability of survival for five years is 60 to 75 percent

It is essential to undergo early screening if symptoms appear, as the earlier doctors detect nasal cancer, the better the prognosis for patients. According to the MSD Manual, about 60 to 75 percent of people with early-stage cancer survive for at least five years after diagnosis. In contrast, less than 40% of patients with late-stage cancer are still alive at least five years after diagnosis.

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