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Summer is coming to Germany on Wednesday

Summer is coming to Germany on Wednesday

Summer weather starts approaching, and Hoch Waltraud concedes: In the next few days the temperature will reach 27 degrees. Experts warn of the high risk of sunburn.

May bring Germany goodbye to the sun and early summer temperatures reach 27 degrees. “Thanks to Waltraud’s high pressure zone, it will stay nice and dry until mid-week,” explains experts from DNT Weather Service when asked by t-online. “Then there is a change in the weather.” In terms of time, the good weather now fits perfectly: for meteorologists, summer begins on the first of June, that is, Tuesday.

According to the DNT, temperatures are expected to range between 22 and 24 degrees on Monday, especially in the north and west, on Tuesday 25 degrees is also possible, on Wednesday the temperature in the west – along the upper Rhine for example – can rise to 26 or 27 degrees.

Recommendation: wear a sunscreen hat

It remains cooler on Tuesday and Wednesday from 20 to 22 degrees in the east of the country, as the lower altitude brings cooler air and can also cause mild showers. In the southwest, the weather changes in the middle of the week. “On Wednesday and Thursday, warmer and wetter air masses flow from the southwest to Germany, and there is a possibility of strong thunderstorms,” ​​weather service experts said.

As for summer days, meteorologists warn: “Since the sun has only appeared briefly to the guest in recent weeks, it is advisable to be careful when staying outdoors.” UV Index shows high to very high risk. “It is advisable to use appropriate protective measures such as sun hats, sunglasses and sunscreen,” stresses experts from the German Weather Service.

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