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5 signs that you are emotionally intelligent

5 signs that you are emotionally intelligent

5 traits that determine emotional intelligence

passionate intelligence It is one of the key skills that not only makes a great impression on your resume but is also well received in your personal environment. Some people are naturally gifted with this quality. Do you belong? These are the signs that show you emotional intelligence.

1. You are very empathetic

Are you sensitive and receptive to the feelings of others? What you may have sometimes seen as weakness, you should quickly reconsider. Anyone who can read others well and empathize with them has a very special power!

sympathy It helps to understand others, which is why you are valued as a friend in your environment. In the work environment, too, this ability will help you to treat your superiors with respect and make yourself indispensable among colleagues. You don’t always have to say everything: you can read between the lines!

2. You are direct and honest

Resolving conflicts rather than avoiding them? This is your choice – and the right choice! You don’t feel like having a problem with someone very well. So you are direct and honest in order to get rid of unpleasant things right away. Even if it wasn’t always easy.

3. You are a passionate person

Of course, this does not mean that you are unreasonable and throw all your logical thinking to the wind. However, if you are faced with difficult decisions where you have already weighed all the pros and cons, finally listen to your intuition. Has your intuition never betrayed you and always indicated to you what you really want? keep it up! You definitely have a good dose of emotional intelligence.

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4. You question things

Whether it is your own feelings or the actions of others, you are always wondering what the motives behind them are. This not only leads to a better understanding of yourself and others, but can also eliminate misunderstandings and prevent conflicts. Those who analyze their feelings regularly are also more likely to develop more.

5. Want other people’s perspective

Even if you’re absolutely sure about something, ask others for their point of view, too. Because you are not always ready to be convinced of something, but you also want to learn, understand others better and build a broader picture. Hearing what other people think about a topic – especially when it’s a dissenting opinion – really makes us grow.

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