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€100 vaccination bonus for self-employed workers and farmers

€100 vaccination bonus for self-employed workers and farmers

Self-employed workers and farmers receive €100 if they can prove comprehensive vaccination protection. Social Security (SVS) pays a corresponding bonus if you have not only completed the Covid vaccination, but all the vaccinations recommended by the National Vaccination Commission. This was announced by SVS President Peter Lehner in an interview with what or what a.

Promotional offer until December 31, 2022

The campaign is one time and can be applied for from now until December 31, 2022 by all people who have health insurance with SVS. This also applies to insured persons (children and spouses) and pensioners. The vaccination card is valid as proof of vaccination. Applications can be submitted via SVS Online Services. A mobile phone signature is required for this.

Alternatively, forms can also be submitted in the same manner. The money does not come as a credit, but is transferred directly to the account of the insured person.

90 million euros approved

The SVS Board of Directors unanimously approved the campaign and approved a total of €90 million for it. So, regarding individual measures, Lehner spoke of “the largest preventive initiative in the history of Social Security.”

The Chairman emphasized that this creates an incentive system related to the promotion of prevention and the promotion of personal responsibility for health. And she wants to draw attention to the fact that there is not only a Covid vaccine, but also others that have been left behind.
The selection of vaccinations is based on the recommendations of the National Immunization Committee stipulated in the Austrian Immunization Plan 2021. As the recommendations differ with age, they are divided into three age groups:

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Recommended for children up to 15 years old

Children up to 15 years of age must demonstrate that they have received the vaccination against influenza, HPV, FSME, pneumococcal and combination vaccinations against measles, mumps and rubella as well as diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and haemophilus.

Recommended for people up to 60 years old

For people between the ages of 15 and 60, there are vaccines against Covid-19 and TBE and the combination vaccinations against measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio. Adults over 60 years of age must provide proof of vaccinations against pneumococcal, TBE, Covid-19 and influenza.

SVS in good standing

The head of the SVS, who is also the head of the umbrella organization of social insurance providers, does not necessarily see an example for other health insurance providers. It indicates that SVS policyholders self-pay their entire insurance contributions and that there is no employer contribution. In addition, SVS is economically well positioned and can afford the contributions of the insured.