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50 Cent is deleting Vice City’s posts

50 Cent is deleting Vice City’s posts

from Rhonda Backman
Famous rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently fueled some speculation with a post on his social media channels. Now the posts have been deleted, giving rise to new rumors. Is 50 Cent really involved in the GTA project, or does the star just want to use the hype around the upcoming GTA 6 for himself?

American rapper and actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has recently caused a stir with new posts on social media. On Instagram, Jackson posted a photo with the famous neon pink GTA Vice City logo. Now the post has disappeared, sparking another flurry of theories from 50 Cent fans and Grand Theft Auto gamers alike.

50 percent still did not explain the contribution of GTA

“I’ll explain later,” the rapper-turned-actor wrote of the Vice City image. “This shit is greater than strength, believe me.” With Power, Jackson alludes to the very successful TV crime series of the same name. The rapper plays the main role in the show and is also responsible as a producer. The final season of Power aired in 2020, but has been followed by a few spin-offs.

Some fans now believe that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson could be involved in a series project for GTA. It was also rumored that his music would appear in GTA Online, as Dr. Dre before. Perhaps the rapper will also be present in the upcoming GTA 6

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Now it appears the posts have been deleted again, sparking new speculations. It is rumored that Rockstar may have asked 50 Cent to remove her posts from the platform. Perhaps they wanted to announce the collaboration at a later date. Others see it as a publicity stunt to generate more hype about the GTA 6 in development. However, other social media users believe that 50 Cent simply wanted to use the success of GTA to bring himself back into the conversation.

source: reddit Eurogamer